Get Politically Savvy to Step Up and Stand Out.

You work hard, you’ve earned your credentials and you’ve acquired skills. But unlike school, where adequate performance guarantees moving up to the next level, climbing the success ladder in organizations requires more than average abilities.  You need to master office politics and learn to thrive in your corporate culture.

Office politics is a fact of life.  There is a political realm in every organization because people will always have different needs, preferences and approaches even when all agree on the objective. Understand human nature and you will understand office politics. Instead of denying or decrying this reality, you can adapt to the unique corporate culture of your company and step up to a mature level of professionalism.  Your organization needs grounded, realistic people who can get the job done in spite of imperfect people or processes. 

Organizations are pyramids; the higher the level, the fewer the positions and the fiercer the rivalry. In today’s incredibly competitive workplace, you must stand out with valued added-skills, and get known as the one who delivers.  To do this you must accurately assess situations, know whom you need and influence them to help.  Influencing people over whom you have no authority is a rare, recognized and rewarded ability. Getting connected to the right people, having exquisite timing, recognizing agendas, avoiding political pitfalls and helping others get what they want will have you stand out from your peers.

You may be one of the luck few who is getting mentored in the art of politics, or you may be one who is able to figure it out on your own, but most people need some guidance, some interpretation, some coaching and some instruction that is hard to come by.  Since you are reading this page you have come to the right place and are you are ready.   Take the Savvy Profile to get a unique assessment of your current level of savvy.  Check out our coaching services and our products all designed to have you

Step Up and Stand Out!

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