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Office Politics, Mastering Corporate Culture

Dealing with Office Politics? Get Savvy with Billi Lee who calls "the best underground career secret."

Passed over for promotion? Not fairly rewarded? Made a career delaying mistake?

In every career there comes a point when hard work and talent just aren’t enough. If you sit on the sidelines refusing to play the game, office politics can keep you benched. If however, you become politically astute, or savvy, you can not only win the game, you can reinvent it.

 Step Up Stand Out
 Breakthrough to a New Professional Level
 Master the Art of Office Politics & Enjoy the Game

Much more than a motivational keynote speaker, Billi and the Savvy product line deliver hard to come by, savvy career advice, insider secrets, and powerful strategies that will get you to Step Up for yourself and Stand Out from the crowd.