About the Company

The Savvy Institute is unique in the field of training and development. It is the only seminar and education organization dedicated to the study and instruction of the often overlooked but increasingly important human attribute: SAVVY.

Billi Lee, an internationally known speaker, author, and coach founded The Savvy Institute after spending over 20 years successfully helping Fortune 500 companies develop and implement savvy into their management and leadership programs.With years of research and testing complete, TSI can now accurately define Savvy as “the combination of personality traits, innate abilities and learned behaviors required to assess environments and situations, adjust behaviors and implement strategies to effectively achieve goals.”

Savvy is needed to deal effectively with what is commonly called Office Politics, an obstacle for many otherwise talented and intelligent people. Research and common sense indicates that there is measurable negative consequence for both the individual and the organization when people are unable to understand and operate within the organization’s political system.  These are the people who often declare that they can’t or won’t “play the game.” Without the ability to astutely assess their situation they can feel that the actions of the company, their managers and coworkers are inappropriate, unreasonable, and unfair leaving them frustrated and generally unsatisfied.  An in-depth study by the University of North Carolina’s graduate business school of 775 people shows that in these circumstances:

  • 28% of the people lost work time trying to avoid the situation
  • 53% lost work time worrying about the situation
  • 37% reported a weakened sense of commitment to their organization
  • 46% thought about changing jobs
  • 12% did change jobs

In addition to our presentations, trainings, coaching services and products, The Savvy Institute has developed a groundbreaking assessment tool called The Savvy Profile™ (SP).  The SP measures 8 separate components producing an overall Savvy Quotient (SQ); the ability to be aware, astute and effectively responsive.  By knowing their SQ and the individual score of each of the 8 components, an individual can chart a course to improve this increasingly vital success attribute.