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Keynote Speeches

Captivating - Thought Provoking - Energizing - Witty - Pragmatic - Memorable

Billi will work with you to create the perfect title reflecting your meeting’s purpose. You can count on original, unique, and customized content with her distinctive savvy twist to energize the event and leave the audience with much more than just a motivational keynote speech.

The following stand-alone or combinable modules are favorites with audiences and are easily tailored for leadership, change management, team, corporate culture, gender savvy, professional development, and kick-off themes.

 The Bear Story - Cave Dweller Or Bear Fighter?
 The Art Of Influencing - Power Up!
 Circles & Triangles - Savvy Team Play!

The Bear Story - Cave Dweller or Bear Fighter?

ver the years and around the globe, Billi Lee's signature presentation, "The Bear Story" has proven to be a classic. This timeless and timely, entertaining and thought provoking fable explores the human dilemma individuals, organizations and governments face: deciding when the care of people or the accomplishments of task takes precedent. With the art of a gifted story teller, Billi takes you back to the beginning of society and introduces you to the culture of the Cave Dweller and the Bear Fighter.

This simple yet profound story has helped people in such diverse culture as Russia, Mexico and Australia, and in organizations as different as the CIA, Caterpillar and Comcast understand themselves, their colleagues and the system in which they work more clearly.

This presentation gives you unique insights about yourself and the changing world around you, and helps you make savvy choices both at work and in your personal "cave."

Learn when:
  • to exert Control and when to be Resilient
  • to practice personal Exclusivity and when to form professional Alliances
  • to be Personal and when to Depersonalize
The Art of Influencing  - Power up!

"Power is making decisions that other people decide to follow. Power is an influencing act."   Billi Lee

With the help of four unforgettable characters, Mirf, Yak, Gooch and Zug, Billi Lee demonstrates the art of Savvy Influencing. In today's diverse organizations, you are expected to influence more people over whom you have no authority and with whom you may emotionally and intellectually differ.

This dynamic program will get you out of your seats and leave you better equipped to influence other people's decisions and to create mutually beneficial agreements. You have more power that you think you do, and Billi shows you how to use it.
Increase your personal and collective effectiveness!

Learn how to:
  • play by the "Platinum Rule"
  • use the "Power of Payback"
  • value and leverage Your Assets
  • Invest your time and talents Wisely
  • Signal that you are Savvy
Circles & Triangles - Savvy Team Play!

This is Billi Lee's very original, simple and effective presentation that has helped countless people in organizations around the world identify and utilize the appropriate team forms and functions to get the job done. With universally appreciated humor and clarifying "aha" stories, "Circles and Triangles" target the frequent misunderstanding about what is expected of them  when they don't understand "when it's circle time or when it's triangle time."

"Circles and Triangles" have become part of the language and cultures in many organizations because it’s simple and non-emotional symbols produce immediate results. Refreshingly uncomplicated, this powerful presentation gives people vital, but often missing, information needed to become savvy team players who deliver.


  • whether you are a Collaborator or a Negotiator
  • the Unwritten Rules of team play
  • how to Read your Team Leader's Signals
  • to Appreciate the value of Consensus and Command style teams
  • the Benefit of being an accomplished Team Player